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Two Sided Mattresses

Two Sided Mattresses 0

Is there a great benefit to flipping your mattress? Absolutely! Is it totally necessary? Well, that's up to you. These days, you'll often find stores offering mattresses that are only one sided and cannot be flipped. Depending on quality and support level, one sided mattresses will usually need to be replaced after around 10 years of every day use. One sided mattresses often don't last as long as a mattress that can be flipped, being that they have one sleeping surface rather than two sleeping surfaces. In turn, that means generally you'll be back into a mattress store to buy another mattress sooner if you decide to buy a one sided mattress instead of a two sided mattress. Couples who are different in size and proportion will greatly benefit from a two sided mattress, being able to regularly flip and rotate that mattress to be broken in evenly over time. 

Typically, a two sided, flippable mattress will last 3-8 years longer than a one sided mattress. A bedding manufacturer will highly recommend a regular rotation or flip schedule for you mattress, usually every 30 days. If you are financially able to invest more in to a two sided mattress, you will be happier in the long run and have that mattress nearly twice as long as a one sided mattress. 

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 0

In my experience, I've learned the firm surfaces of a mattress will cause pressure and discomfort to a side sleepers hips and shoulders. The pressure and discomfort result in tossing and turning all night long, and you wake up feeling like you didn't get enough rest because you didn't! If you enjoy sleeping on your side and have broad shoulders or wide hips, plush or pillow-top mattresses will relieve the pressure and significantly reduce the number of times you toss and turn in a night, while still giving you the support your body needs.

Support comes from the spring unit inside of the mattress, rather than the padding layers on top of a mattress. Firmer mattresses don't always mean longer lasting or more support. It is vitally important customers take time testing a mattress in the store that they plan to be sleeping on for several hours every night. Adding padding on top of a mattress that is too firm is a simple fix. Removing padding from a mattress that is too soft is very difficult. At the Mattress Doctor, the sales staff will always take the time to comfort test and find you the mattress of your dreams!