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Save Space in Your Bedroom

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Kids always have more clothes and toys than you know how to manage. As birthdays and holidays go on, they acquire more things. Adults also seem to have more shoes and clothes than they used to. Open up your bedroom floor space with under-bed storage!

Kid's bunk beds and youth beds in twin and full size can have huge roll-out under-bed storage drawers on both sides! Make more space for play-time and toys and put it all away neatly when company arrives.

Adult bedroom sets with built-in drawers on the foot or on the side. Or, select a nice platform bed and choose where you want your under-bed drawers to be. Platform beds give you the availability to have optional storage drawers added now or in the future. Save floor space and make clean-up easy for adults and kids. Check out The Mattress Doctor's large selection of bedroom furniture in Pekin or Mackinaw, IL!

Latex, Memory Foam, Hybrids... What's the difference?

Latex, Memory Foam, Hybrids... What's the difference? 116

SO. MANY. MATTRESS. OPTIONS! How do you choose which mattress is the best for you? First things first, do your research. Having some knowledge before you walk into a mattress store is extremely helpful for not only you, but the salesperson will also be able to help narrow down the many options, based on what you tell them you like. The most common types of padding used in mattresses are memory foam and latex, and sometimes a combination of more than one, making it a hybrid. 

Latex mattresses are made from a rubber material milked from a tree and will give you the most pressure relief and longest life. Latex mattresses typically do not need to be flipped or rotated on a regular basis, like other mattresses do. Plan to invest more money into a latex mattress compared to memory foam or hybrids, and expect to have it 15+ years, when properly protected. 

Memory foam mattresses are made with a polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature where it molds to the shape of an individual's body. Because this material molds to an individual's body, there is no motion transferred between two people laying on the mattress. Often times, memory foam is infused with cooling gel to help keep your body temperature at a normal degree. 

Hybrids can be the best of both worlds. Usually these mattresses consist of an innerspring, memory foam and latex. Different densities and viscosity will make mattresses either firm, plush or super soft. At the Mattress Doctor, we always offer a simple and quick comfort test to help you make the right choice! Sweet Dreams!

Better Sleep During Pregnancy

Better Sleep During Pregnancy 74

Are you pregnant? Are you trying to get some rest, but constantly find yourself tossing and turning? This was me at 28+ weeks pregnant and the only thing that made a difference was my adjustable bed base! No matter how awful my lower back pain was or how swollen my feet and ankles were, the only place I could find comfort was in my bed with my head slightly raised and my feet as high as it would take me. Having the freedom to contour my mattress to conform to my ever-changing body, was a HUGE game-changer! Not every night was the same adjusted position, the more pregnant I became it changed almost every night. 

And now? My son is 6 weeks old and I use the adjustable base to sit up and feed him. The massage feature and under-bed LED lights have even come in handy on a regular basis to help better attend to my baby's needs. I would highly recommend anyone who's pregnant or plans to be, invest in yourself and your future with an adjustable base that will do wonders for your life! 

Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed

Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed 120

The best way to check out a new mattress.

It's to dive right in, right?  Perhaps that's true but when it comes to your health consider your sleep and spend enough time to pick the most supportive and comfortable sleep system you can afford, your health depends on it! 

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Choosing the Right Pillow

Choosing the Right Pillow 70

How many pillows have you gone through, hoping to find just one that won't go flat? Your sleep is suffering and your neck needs proper support. How do you know which pillow works best for you? 

Often times, if you're a side sleeper and have a soft, plush mattress that your body sinks into, your pillow needs to be just thick enough to support the space between your head and your shoulder. If you're a back sleeper, most often you don't need a thick pillow but rather a thinner pillow that won't push your head too far forward. Most people should be able to sleep with one proper pillow under their head each night. 

Pillow placement is important so your shoulders and back aren't resting on your pillow. At the Mattress Doctor, we offer over 15 different pillows to help find the best one for your sleeping position. Latex, feather and down, fiber spun foam, gel foam, down alternative and even ice tech pillows for the hot sleeper are just a few of the pillows available. Mattress Doctor employees will take the time you need to fit you for the right pillow based on what type of mattress you sleep on. Plan to spend 5-10 minutes choosing a pillow while laying down on a mattress just like yours! 

Two Sided Mattresses

Two Sided Mattresses 10

Is there a great benefit to flipping your mattress? Absolutely! Is it totally necessary? Well, that's up to you. These days, you'll often find stores offering mattresses that are only one sided and cannot be flipped. Depending on quality and support level, one sided mattresses will usually need to be replaced after around 10 years of every day use. One sided mattresses often don't last as long as a mattress that can be flipped, being that they have one sleeping surface rather than two sleeping surfaces. In turn, that means generally you'll be back into a mattress store to buy another mattress sooner if you decide to buy a one sided mattress instead of a two sided mattress. Couples who are different in size and proportion will greatly benefit from a two sided mattress, being able to regularly flip and rotate that mattress to be broken in evenly over time. 

Typically, a two sided, flippable mattress will last 3-8 years longer than a one sided mattress. A bedding manufacturer will highly recommend a regular rotation or flip schedule for you mattress, usually every 30 days. If you are financially able to invest more in to a two sided mattress, you will be happier in the long run and have that mattress nearly twice as long as a one sided mattress.