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The Mattress Doctor's Sleep Tips

Start Every DayWith A Good Night’s Sleep!A good night’s sleep! - most people need 7-8 hours -is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Remember, yourmattress plays an important role, but so do YOU! 


• Lower the temperature of your bedroom to 65°-67°F.

• Develop a routine of preparing for bedtime.

• Take a hot bath or shower 30-60 minutesbefore bedtime. 

• Spray Lavender Linen Mist on Pillows/sheets. 

• Remove work related materials from bedroom. 

• Turn off phones, computers, etc. and don’t call peoplewho upset you before bedtime. 

• Use the bedroom only for sleep and sex - avoidworking or watching TV. 

• Keep your room and linens clean and fresh - it willrelax you. 

• Enjoy the relaxing glow of candlelight hours beforebedtime to calm you. 

How well you sleep at night affects:

 • How rested you feel during the day• How productive you are 

• Your mood• Your energy level 

• Your memory 

• Your overall healthDoctors say sleeping well contributes to: 

• Heart health

• Weight control 

• A Strong immune system

• Stress management

Finding a Bed That’sRight For You! 

The only way to make sure a mattress is rightfor you is to lie down and try it. Be sure to rollinto your normal sleeping position - and bringyour partner if you sleep together. 


A mattress doesn’t have to be hardto be good for you. You’ll sleep best when itcradles you in comfort. Luxurious cushioningmaterials create a plusher, more comfortablefeel. Don‘t worry about minor body impressionsthat may occur in the first few weeks - they’re anormal byproduct of the extra comfort layers. 


 A good mattress and box spring(foundation) will gently support your body at allpoints and keep your spine in the same shapeas good standing posture. Pay special attentionto the shoulders, hips and lower back. Too littlesupport can cause back problems, but amattress that’s too hard can create painfulpressure. 


 When you’re shopping for a newmattress, you’re really shopping for a goodnight’s sleep. So look for the best value, notthe lowest price. “Bargain bedding” is nobargain when it comes to healthful sleep. Thebest assurance of good performance over agood many years is to buy the best sleep setyou can afford.

Sleeping on a new mattress can: 

• Restore comfort and support 

• Maximize the quality of sleep 

• Alleviate back pain and other aches