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Ultra Plush Mattresses 

Why pick an ultra plush mattress?

  • Best pick for side, stomach and back sleepers
  • Supportive relief, most cushion/sink feeling, and extremely soft 
  • Perfect for any build 

Plush Pillow Top Mattresses

Who needs a plush pillow top?

As the name implies plush pillow top mattresses add and extra layer of cushion  to the top of the mattress.

  • The extra cushion is perfect for side, stomach and back sleepers just like the ultra plush
  • The difference is in the padding, which provides great sink, feels soft and supportive relief 
  • Reduce motion transfer
  • Typically any build and bigger figure 

Plush Mattresses

Why a plush mattress?

 Provides a somewhat soft feel that conforms to your body while still providing support

  • The prefect pick for side sleepers, stomach and back
  • Feels like that perfect hotel bed ready and waiting after a long day out. 
  • Any build person 

Cushion Firm Mattresses

Who needs a cushion firm?

  • The extra support is perfect for back and stomach sleepers
  • Padding provides little sink and a firmer/harder feel
  • Any build person 

Firm Mattresses

Why a firm mattress?

  • Right pick for only back sleepers
  • By far the most supportive of any mattresses
  • No give, little to no sink, feels hard
  • Typically perfect for slim builds