Latex, Memory Foam, Hybrids... What's the difference?

Latex, Memory Foam, Hybrids... What's the difference?

SO. MANY. MATTRESS. OPTIONS! How do you choose which mattress is the best for you? First things first, do your research. Having some knowledge before you walk into a mattress store is extremely helpful for not only you, but the salesperson will also be able to help narrow down the many options, based on what you tell them you like. The most common types of padding used in mattresses are memory foam and latex, and sometimes a combination of more than one, making it a hybrid. 

Latex mattresses are made from a rubber material milked from a tree and will give you the most pressure relief and longest life. Latex mattresses typically do not need to be flipped or rotated on a regular basis, like other mattresses do. Plan to invest more money into a latex mattress compared to memory foam or hybrids, and expect to have it 15+ years, when properly protected. 

Memory foam mattresses are made with a polyurethane material that is sensitive to pressure and temperature where it molds to the shape of an individual's body. Because this material molds to an individual's body, there is no motion transferred between two people laying on the mattress. Often times, memory foam is infused with cooling gel to help keep your body temperature at a normal degree. 

Hybrids can be the best of both worlds. Usually these mattresses consist of an innerspring, memory foam and latex. Different densities and viscosity will make mattresses either firm, plush or super soft. At the Mattress Doctor, we always offer a simple and quick comfort test to help you make the right choice! Sweet Dreams!

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