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Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed

Health Benefits of Using an Adjustable Bed

The best way to check out a new mattress

It's to dive right in, right?  Perhaps that's true but when it comes to your health consider your sleep and spend enough time to pick the most supportive and comfortable sleep system you can afford, your health depends on it! 

There are many health benefits from using an adjustable bed,  it is not only for those who have a medical reason anymore. Anyone who wants to live a more adjustable, more comfortable lifestyle can reap the health benefits of a power lift adjustable bed base.  Enjoy your adjustable bed base when you are awake to relax and enjoy a more comfortable reading, tablet or tv position. 
If you suffer from any common health issues such as pain and pressure on your back, hips or shoulder, or if you have acid -reflux keeping you awake? How about swelling in your legs or feet daily, even arthritis is relieved by reducing the pressure off of areas in your body that are stressed,  swollen or fatigued. Back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, and pressure all can be relieved by using a power lift adjustable bed base.

How does it feel?

It feels like floating!  First, you lie on your back, to achieve a position known as zero gravity,  you lift the head of the bed just slightly, then you lift the legs just slightly more. Once you raise your ankles slightly higher than your shoulders,  you. are suspended in what is known as a zero gravity position, one of the most comfortable positions you will ever be in,  in your life!  Pair your base perfectly with a pressure-relieving all natural latex mattress designed to support and comfort you in a uniquely special way!   Take time to check out zero gravity positioning to relax in a comfortable and powerful power lift adjustable bed base! You won't know what you're missing if you don't try it but once you do you will always want the lasting comfort of zero gravity before going to sleep to relax your muscles and give you the best night sleep possible!  
At The Mattress Doctor, we are proud to offer the most customer-friendly, adjustable bed bases with a simple wireless remote, all of the features you need and very affordable.

The sleek wireless remote includes:

  • Full-Range Positions Adjustment (Head and Foot)
  • One Touch Return to Flat, easy does it feature
  • 1 Programmable Memory Position, easy does it feature
  • Built-In Flash Light! See in the dark
  • 850 lbs Weight Capacity! 
  • Emergency Power Down Battery Box, easy does it feature
  •  up to 9" Adjustable Legs (5"+4")
  •  All Sizes: Twin XL, Twin, CKS, Full, Queen, King, Ca. King
  •  10-year warranty built tough to last!

If you're not sleeping very well, your health is affected, so the sooner you get a good night sleep, the sooner you will be improving your overall health every night.  For your best health, consider a power lift adjustable bed base and get the good night sleep you need and deserve! Talk to the Doctor, The Mattress Doctor on rt 9 in Pekin today!  Family owned and operated, BBB A+ rated and open every day to serve you better! Join us, together we can make your dreams come true!

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