Improve your sleep

Helps reduce pressure and stress from

key areas of your body. 

Wireless Remotes

Remote controls with programmable memory positions, individually 

adjustable head and foot capability. 

Health Benefits 

If you've done your research you know

adjustable beds and help a number of 

health issues such as: improve blood 

circulation, improved digestion, reduce

leg swelling and that's just to name a few. 


Say goodbye to the back-pain and fall asleep faster with a massage before

bed. After a long day nothing beats 

a relaxing massage in your very own bed. 

Our Products

Bedtech  Gel Lux Memory Foam 12 inch Plush Mattress


The GelLux by BedTech is BedTech’s best selling mattress, hands down. This memory foam mattress is comprised of multiple layers of high density foam for support...Learn more