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Choosing the Right Pillow

Choosing the Right Pillow

How many pillows have you gone through, hoping to find just one that won't go flat? Your sleep is suffering and your neck needs proper support. How do you know which pillow works best for you? 

Often times, if you're a side sleeper and have a soft, plush mattress that your body sinks into, your pillow needs to be just thick enough to support the space between your head and your shoulder. If you're a back sleeper, most often you don't need a thick pillow but rather a thinner pillow that won't push your head too far forward. Most people should be able to sleep with one proper pillow under their head each night. 

Pillow placement is important so your shoulders and back aren't resting on your pillow. At the Mattress Doctor, we offer over 15 different pillows to help find the best one for your sleeping position. Latex, feather and down, fiber spun foam, gel foam, down alternative and even ice tech pillows for the hot sleeper are just a few of the pillows available. Mattress Doctor employees will take the time you need to fit you for the right pillow based on what type of mattress you sleep on. Plan to spend 5-10 minutes choosing a pillow while laying down on a mattress just like yours! 

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